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Summer at Sunshine

Multi-Week Ski School   

Sunshine Village & National Post Four Elephants Deep Banff, Alberta (AB)"It's absolutely amazing,” said John Scurfield, Sunshine Village Senior Vice President of Resort Operations, Sales and Marketing. “10 metres means we've beaten Sunshine's all-time record snowfall and we’re over a month away from the 84th annual slush cup on May 21st."

To gain some perspective on what 10 metres looks like, imagine the full length of a school bus, towering at over 30ft.

Or, picture the highest jump on the high dive, at 10 metres (33 ft) it’s enough to induce vertigo for some - but instead of a pool imagine leaping into a fluffy pile of snow.

Better yet, as the National Post noted, imagine four large elephants stacked precariously one on top of the other.

Over 1007cm (over 33 feet) has fallen at Sunshine Village since opening day, demolishing the previous record.

Locals and thrilled visitors have been frolicking in consecutive weeks of fresh powder and the delight at so much snow is evident in all the smiles.

The Calgary Herald has also featured a story on the incredible amount of snow the Banff area and Sunshine in particular has received this season.

Sunshine Village has the longest the longest non-glacial season in Canada and is renowned for its champagne powder, a very smooth and dry snow, which is fantastic for skiing and boarding.

This spring is shaping up to be another fantastic one for Sunshine Village, with the annual spring concert series.

Enjoy mild spring weather, pass holder perks and rock out to the tunes of TR3, BC/DC, ODDS, and Juno & CCMA award winning artist George Canyon during our Spring Concert Series.

Extended spring hours are now in effect with all chairs running until to 4:30 and Jackrabbit until 5:00pm.

Sunshine Village is wide open until May 21st.

Visit or call 1-87-SKI-BANFF for details. For more information on events, photosvideos and conditions, follow us: