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Snow Safety Is Snow Joke.

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Jan 21, 2021

Snow Safety Is Snow Joke.

The most important piece of gear you will ever take into the backcountry is your knowledge.




We are so lucky to call the Rockies home. As our go-to destination for winter outdoor recreation, the Rockies receive year over year a greater number of winter enthusiasts looking for fresh tracks!


Banff Sunshine receives an average of 30 feet of Canada’s Best Snow every season. With each snowfall, our snow safety team puts in the work to mitigate any avalanche risks. Outside of our resort boundaries, the pristine powder fields are untouched.


Each year in Canada, news of avalanches go viral. Avalanches happen every year in the Canadian Rockies and around the world. From a whoomps to a slide, Avalanches can be triggered naturally due to weather and snow conditions changing, or they can be triggered by human error.


Skiing and riding safely in avalanche terrain is much more than having the newest, most expensive gear. To stay safe in Avalanche country we, as skiers and snowboarders, need to be powered with snow knowledge so that we can make good, informed decisions that comply with safety guidelines.


Banff Sunshine is proud to partner with Backcountry Access (BCA), North America’s leading manufacturer of snow safety equipment, including Tracker transceivers, Float airbags, shovels, probes, and BC Link radios. Banff Sunshine and BCA’s partnership highlights the importance of safety in the backcountry and within Sunshine’s freeride zones, Delirium Dive and Wild West. We both consider education to be just as important as safety gear.


We invite all skiers and snowboarders thinking of exploring the backcountry to be part of our annual Avalanche Awareness Day on Friday, January 22nd.


Our Ski Patrol team will be on the mountain sharing knowledge of avalanche and snow safety. Come join us and learn how to safely take your skiing or snowboarding skills to the backcountry.




Since avalanche and snow training is a life long process, we encourage all riders thinking about diving into Delirium Dive or The Wild West this season to sign up for an Avalanche Skills Training Course (AST1).