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Does Your Sweater Save 6,200 Liters Of Water? Ours Do.

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Apr 11, 2019

Does Your Sweater Save 6,200 Liters Of Water? Ours Do.

New merchandise has arrived in our e-store!

This spring keep it green and save water with our new sweaters made of 100% recycled textile waste.


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At Sunshine Village, we work and play in the heart of Banff National Park, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. With this privilege comes certain responsibilities, and we all take those very seriously.


We live guided by the philosophy of nature and humankind in harmony. Among our efforts to ensure our operations have minimal impact on this unique location, we strongly promote recycling. Internally, day to day, we recycle all beverage containers, paper, carboards, metal and many more items. On the mountain, we promote recycling and provide recycling bins in all our facilities for guest use.


When we thought of adding new merchandise to our e-store, we wanted to do something fun, but different. So, we went on the look for like-minded organizations and found Pure Waste. Pure Waste is a Finland-based company that makes ecologically sustainable and premium quality 100% recycled fabrics and yarns.


Did you know it takes about 11,000 liters of fresh water to grow 1 kg of cotton? and that 3.5 million tons of cotton are thrown away each year?



Pure Waste is recycling upgraded. Their products are entirely made of 100% textile waste, leftover from the clothing manufacturing process. How do they do it? Take a look at the ‘Purecycling’ process:




It’s time to challenge the perception of waste and commit to a sustainable future together. By wearing one of our new sweaters, you will save 6,200 liters of water and use materials that would otherwise go to waste.  


So, whether you’re on the slopes or in the city, this spring show your love for Sunshine Village and our environment with our new sweater designs. Choose between ‘Wild Like The West’ & 'Dive into Delirium’. Both inspired in our extreme freeride zones.


They are available in 5 different sizes. Here are some fit recommendations:

- Women's small = XXS

- Women's Medium = XS

- Women's Large = S

- Women's Extra Large = M

Mens fits standard.


Get your authentic ‘Wild Like The West’ & 'Dive into Delirium’ sweater online today! Click here to order.