Sunshine GIFS now online!

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Sunshine GIFS now online!




At Banff Sunshine, we love it when you share your love for the mountains and riding Canada’s Best Snow on your stories. To help make your Sunshine Stories even better, we added GIFS! Perfect for adding a little flavour to your iconic day in the Rockies. 


We are GIPHY official! That means our GIFs are available everywhere you can access GIPHY, like Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Use them to share your mountain love or show off those dreamy pow days! We made our GIFs especially for you ski and snowboard enthusiasts! Mention/tag us in your stories so we can see you use them! 


If you are not familiar with GIFs, they are fun, animated images meant for sharing in messages, photos, and videos.





Just search [sunshine sillage] or [ssv] in any Giphy search bar to find all of the fun design to use! 


Take a look at our channel here:


How To Use GIFs in Instagram Stories:

-Open Instagram

-Tap and hold your profile photo at the top-left

-[Add to your story] will pop up and select it.

-From your Instagram Story, tap the big circle button to take a photo or hold it to take a video.

-Once you take a photo/video, some icons will appear at the top-right.

-Tap the square sticker icon.

-A group of options will pop up at the bottom of the screen.

-Tap on the [GIF] button

-A search box [Search GIPHY] will appear at the top

-Type [sunshine sillage] or [ssv] in the search box to find our GIFs.

-Our GIFs will appear and tap on the one you want to use.

-The GIF will not be added over your photo/video.

-Tap and hold it to move it around.

-Use two fingers and slide them to scale the GIF smaller, larger or to rotate.

-Click the [Send To] button at the bottom-right of the screen once you are done.

-Select the [Share] button at the top to add it to your story.

-A [Done] button will appear at the bottom and click it.

-It is now added to your story.

-To view your story, tap your profile photo at the top-left of the screen.





How To Share a GIPH via Text, E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc:

-Go to our GIPHY page,

-Click on the selected GIF that you would like to post.

-Desktop: On the right-hand side of the GIF there are multiple options to share it with a link, embed, or with the social media icons.

-Mobile: Select one of the options below the GIF to share it with a link, on social media, etc.




We will be adding more and more GIFs, so keep checking back to see what we come up with next! If you have any suggestions, we would love to hear them! If you have a suggestion email us at