Wednesday, May 8

Angel's Last Flight

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May 8, 2024

Angel's Last Flight

Last call, for Angel Express!


This upcoming Mother’s Day, May 12th, will mark the last flight for our beloved Angel Express.


Since 1988 Angel Express has been flying skiers and Snowboarders up a vertical rise of 1,244 ft. in just over five minutes. Once dubbed Angel Flight Express, the high-speed lift made Sunshine history as it was the first high speed quad in the Canadian Rockies.


“I remember the look of disbelief as skiers and snowboarders would zoom into the top station,” says long time Sunshiner Don Beaulieu. “High-speed quads were new, and skiers had this look on their face that they weren’t quite sure the lift would slow down in time.”


As a resort, Angel Express transformed how Banff Sunshine was skied. The lift created longer ski runs for guests to enjoy, and transported people up the mountain faster than they could ski down.


At Banff Sunshine, it is our mission to operate a resort worthy of its home in Canada’s Oldest National Park, Banff National Park. With the lens of improved visitor experience, this summer we will be replacing our oldest highspeed quad, Angel Express, with a new state of the art six passenger high speed luxury express lift, complete with direct drive, heated bucket seats, foot rests, and a yellow bubble. Construction on our new “Super Angle” lift will begin May 13th.


Join us on Mother’s Day, to say “ski you later” to our first ever high-speed quad. Your last chance to ride this current carnation of Angel is on Sunday, May 12th. If you have special memories of riding Angel, we’d love to hear them.


Angel Express (in its current form) will be disassembled and moved to Castle Mountain Resort. The southern Alberta Resort is excited to welcome Angel into their current lift fleet.


Construction on Super Angel will take place this summer, to ensure the lift is ready to ferry skiers and snowboards up the 1,244 ft come November 2024.