Wednesday, May 8

The Best of Bowly 2024

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May 8, 2024

The Best of Bowly 2024

The Legendary Holy Bowl! 


Snowboy Production’s Holy Bowly is week-long park event that emphasizes creativity, flow, and skill amongst some of the best riders in the world. It's not your typical snowboarding competition with judges and strict rules; instead, it's more like a gathering of snowboarders celebrating the joy of riding and pushing the boundaries of what's possible on the mountain. 


Holy Bowly features a unique course design characterized by massive bowls, transitions, hips, and other features that allow riders to express themselves in diverse ways. It's essentially a playground for snowboarders, where they can explore lines, hit jumps, and perform tricks in a fun and laid-back atmosphere. 


From April 29th – May 5th, 2024, Holy Bowly pushes the boundaries of what's possible on a snowboard, as riders explore new lines, tricks, and styles in a welcoming and inclusive environment. A portion of the registration fees will be contributed to Cousins Skateboarding programs at Sunshine Village. 


Here are some of our favorite moments from 2024’s Holy Bowly. 


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