Friday, November 24

Ski, Slurp, Repeat

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Nov 24, 2023

Ski, Slurp, Repeat

What’s your go to meal for a day on the slopes? Ours is RAMEN!


Fear not powder warriors, because Nikko Ramen has landed on the slopes of Sunshine Village!


In cahoots with our new culinary partner Sodexo Live!, we’re excited to introduce our new ramen restaurant in the village!


Warm up with a bowl of ramen after your day on the slopes of Sunshine. Did you know that “nikko” in Japanese means "sunshine"?


The new local noodle house will be open daily for the 2023/24 ski and snowboard season from 11 AM until 4:30 PM starting November 25th, 2023 to warm up your ski day with a salty good treat!


Every mouthful of warm, delicious ramen is crafted with ingredients sourced from farmers and producers from Banff, Canmore, and Greater Alberta.


On the menu, Nikko has 4 different ramen flavors that'll make your tummy do the moguls.


When you're done shredding the slopes, head on over to Nikko Ramen for a taste of Japanese ski culture, nestled right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies.


Where the slopes meet slurps, grab your gear and your appetite and head to Nikko Ramen at Banff Sunshine Village located in the main day lodge.

Click here to read the menu!