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Sunshiners to Know: Liam Gill

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Jan 22, 2024

Sunshiners to Know: Liam Gill

Surrounded by the magic of the Canadian Rockies, amidst the mountains, a rising star emerges.


Liam Gill, an Indigenous pro snowboarder from Calgary, Alberta grew up carving memories at Sunshine Village with his family, professing Banff Sunshine as their home mountain.


Liam’s interest in winter sports took flight at only 2 years old on a pair of skis and by the age of 4, he began to explore the world of snowboarding.

The moment Liam made the full commitment to snowboarding, he started pushing his limits to explore the halfpipe.


The art of snowboarding in a halfpipe demands precision and skill, a challenge that fueled Liam's passion.


Liam jet off for his first Olympic debut in 2022 in the Beijing Winter Olympics, representing Canada as the youngest male snowboarder at the prime age of 18.


Like most athletes, Liam's snowboard journey is not a solo ascent; it's a collective effort supported by community. His self-discipline, instilled by support from his peers, is the motivational recipe for Liam to set the stage for an extraordinary career.


And Liam Gill just gets cooler (winter pun intended). The young and ambitious Sunshine athlete has his gaze set on the 2026 Winter Olympics, driven by the same passion that ignited his journey – his boundaryless love for snowboarding.


For Liam, the mountains have allowed him to be himself, embracing the freedom that snowboarding offers. From watching his idols on TV to competing alongside them, Liam has progressed fearlessly in the sport itself.


As he carves his legacy on the snowy peaks around the globe, Liam continues to inspire Indigenous nations and aspiring athletes alike.


Listen in as Liam shares more about his love for winter sports on our snow-loving podcast, "For the Love of Winter," by Banff Sunshine Village.


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