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Fit for Winter: Rock Ledges Core Workout.

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Aug 20, 2020

Fit for Winter: Rock Ledges Core Workout.

Found off Teepee Town, the Rock Ledges run is another powder day favorite as the zone is an easy miss - if you don’t know where to go. The Rock Ledges feature a series of drops, that as a skier or snowboarder force you to engage your core to stick the landings.  


To master the slopes, a strong core is a must. Our core muscles help us balance, turn, and react when on the mountain. Like the Rock Ledges, this workout is a slow burn that will help get your abs, rock hard. For the workout, all you’ll need is a mat, your running shoes, and a timer. The goal is to work through each exercise for one minute, before moving onto the next exercise. Give yourself 10 seconds in between exercises to catch your breath, and two minutes in between sets – because you’ve earned that chairlift ride to rest. 


Ready? Let’s Ride! 



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Starting in a strong high plank, tap your right shoulder with your left hand. Return to your plank and tap your left shoulder with your right hand. Return to your plank and tap your right hip with your left hand, then your left hip with your right hand. Return to your plank and lift yourself to tap your right ankle with your left hand, then your right ankle with your left hand. Repeat as many times as you can in one minute. 




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From your plank, bring your knee into a table top. Hover your knees above your mat and slowly alternate tapping your knees to the mat. You’ll feel this.



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Lying down on the mat, bend your knees and plant your feet. Bring your arms overhead as you sit up and repeat. 





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Seated on your mat, bring your legs up into a boat position and pulse your legs in and out. 




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 Standing tall, jump jack your feet out and tap the ground with both hands. As you rise jack your legs out and bring your arms up. 



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Standing tall, plant your right leg firmly on the ground and drive your left knee to your chest as you bring your arms down to meet your knee. 





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Coming back to your plank position. Jack your feet in and out as many times as you can in one minute. 




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From your plank position, lift your hips to come into a downward dog/pike position. Lower your hips and return to plank. 



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From your plank, mountain climb your knees in for three and hold the plank with your knee in for a second, repeat. 



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From your plank, just like the first exercise, we’ll lift our hips as we reach to tap our right ankle with our left hand, back to plank and tap your left ankle with your right hand. 


Catch your breath and try to spot the Rock Ledges as you fly back up Teepee Town LX for another lap through. For an express workout, work through the exercises twice – once leading with your right leg, and once leading with your left. For a more extreme workout repeat the exercises four times, twice on your right and twice on your left.