Tuesday, June 16

Spot The Difference Game.

Spot The Difference Game. Hero thumbnail
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Jun 16, 2020

Spot The Difference Game.

Ready to test your brain? We have selected 6 iconic Sunshine photos for this game.

Compare both versions to identify the differences.


Each photo has 5 small differences. 


Can you spot them all?

Hint: Keep your eyes peeled for hidden flamingos, color swaps and wild wildlife.


1. Snowboarder

SpottheDifference_boarder1.jpg     SpottheDifference_boarder2.jpg



2. Skier




3. Base Area

SpottheDifference_base1.jpg     SpottheDifference_base2.jpg



4. Slush Cup Party




5. Slush Cup Jump

slushcup2.jpg   slushcup2_difference.jpg



6. Splash!