Tuesday, October 11

5 Rituals to Make it Snow!

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Oct 11, 2022

5 Rituals to Make it Snow!

As opening day approaches, we find our hunger for snow growing insatiable!


Right now, every Sunshiner is eagerly dreaming about carving up Canada’s Best Snow as we patiently wait for the lifts to open.


“Is it opening day yet?”


While we wait for the bull wheels to spin, we’re going to bed with our pajamas on backwards and inside out – because that’s what you do if you want a snow day and putting to test the old wives' tales that “promise” snow.


Five Rituals to Make it Snow:


- Dance!  Ullr (the Norse god of snow) and Skadi (the Norse goddess of skiing) need a little entertainment too. While there is no specific choreographed “snow dance” it’s believed the god of snow and goddess of skiing prefer wild dances with numerous dancers, fancy footwork, and flailing arms.


- Offer a Sacrifice, Ullr and Skadi are ancient gods, who like the rest of their peers, love a good sacrifice. Build a bonfire, invite your ski crew and offer up the winter gods your old rock skis, winter coat, and/or ski socks.


- Shake Things Up, Literally! Make a point of stopping and shaking the heck out of each snow globe you see. If you’re having trouble finding a snow globe, you can order one or one hundred on Amazon.


- Sing Christmas Carols at the top of your lungs, preferably songs that reference snow. We recommend, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland,” “White Christmas,” “Frosty the Snowman,” and “Jingle Bells.”


- And if all else fails, Say a Little Prayer for Snow.  Try this: Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord lays the snow down deep. Please give me a snow day before I wake. So, I can have a sweet line to ride. Amen.”


Now cross your fingers and hope that these superstitions will make it dump, deep and delicious snowflakes over Banff Sunshine and the Canadian Rockies!