Wednesday, October 5

It Takes a Village - Cat Crew

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Oct 5, 2022

It Takes a Village - Cat Crew


At Banff Sunshine Village, we truly appreciate the people who help us run the resort, day after day, season after season. Running a ski resort isn’t always what people imagine, and the behind the scenes operations are often overlooked. With this video series we are hoping to share with you what it really takes to bring a ski resort to life, and you can bet… It Takes a Village!


Over the past couple of seasons, we covered numerous departments including our Trail Crew, Snow Safety, Hotel, Transportation and so many others! Watch our previous episodes on our YouTube channel by clicking here.


We wanted to give a special shout out to our night owls, the Cat Crew team. So, what are they doing exactly? Sleeping during the day, working at night... You may say, “we don’t get to see them very often,” however they are doing a ginormous amount of work each night. From moving snow to where it is needed around the mountain, track packing to build up the base, building much needed traverses and the usual, grooming runs. They work tirelessly to make the mountains look like brand new each and every day of the season. SO, thank you for all your hard work!


Curious to see what it’s like to be a Cat Crew driver? Check out the video above.