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Colour us Beautiful!

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Jul 13, 2023

Colour us Beautiful!

It’s wildflower season and our alpine meadows are glowing with vibrant colors of Alberta’s famous wildflowers in bloom!


In our neck of the woods, you will find an abundance of flora. Throughout our summer season flowers of all shapes, sizes and colors bloom in the Banff Sunshine Meadows.


Take a walk on the wildflower side and experience how summer blooms at the Banff Sunshine Meadows. Next time you’re up, see if you can spot any of these wildflowers that add a pop of color to our resort.



Alpine Paint Brush

The Alpine Paintbrush is one of the easiest flowers to spot at Banff Sunshine. These flowers are bright pink or reddish in color. This unique flower paints a blanket on our mountain in the summer. Due to our colder alpine temperatures, you will find this flower blooming from July to August.




Now is the perfect time to visit the Sunshine Meadows; just starting to bloom, you'll find the Fireweed. This flower creates a colorful carpet to our meadows, thrives in open meadows and traditionally grows anywhere from 4 to 6 feet. Fireweed gets its name from how quickly it propagates after forest fires.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Fireweed can grow up to 9 feet tall!



Western Anemone

The Western Anemone looks like it was stolen right out of The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss. During the flowering, you notice a white flower bloom. Once it transitions to seed, it turns light green with ferny leaves. These leaves or stems are covered with fine hairs, thus giving the Wester Anemone the nickname "hippie on a stick."




Cinquefoils or five fingers are similar to strawberry plants, however the flowers are yellow, and the plant produces seeds instead of berries. Cinquefoils get their names from "cinq" which in old French means five, for the five petals.


Click here for a full list of which wildflowers are currently in bloom!


Meet you at the trail head! Before you explore our Sunshine Meadows, head into our interpretive center at the village to learn more about the flora that is in bloom in our alpine meadows.