Friday, June 30


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Jun 30, 2023


Banff Sunshine is offering a reward of a 23/24 Season Pass for its safe return. 


Built in 1928, the Old Sunshine Lodge was originally developed by the CP railroad to offer early guests to our mountain paradise high camp experience. Believe it, or not, Banff Sunshine Village started as a summer destination. Thanks to the almost guaranteed promise of snow, the slopes of Sunshine quickly act as beacon for those hungry to ski. Skiers on our slopes can be traced back to the late 1920’s, and in 1935 our resort welcomed our first paying ski guest.  

With hope of building a mountain resort worthy of the beautiful Canadian Rockies, the Brewster Brother’s purchased the Old Sunshine Lodge in 1936, for just $300.  


Over the years, the Old Sunshine Lodge has lived many lives. It the mid 1900’s the lodge housed ski guides and overnight guests. In the 80’s the lodge housed our leadership offices, and served as a secondary day lodge. Despite the stench of wet boots, the Old Sunshine Lodge was a favorite lunch spot for season pass holders.  

As our resort grew, it was decided in 1996 to transform the Old Sunshine Lodge into a public house that in essence would serve as a living museum of Banff Sunshine for our guests. It was decided that the pub would be called Mad Trapper’s in ode to the early explored of the Canadian Rockies and that walls of lodge would be covered with mementos from our past.  


As if by fate, during our 1996 renovation of the Old Sunshine Lodge, a friendly ghost of Sunshine past made himself known with a discovery made by a contractor. In the rafters, a contractor found a neatly folded $5 Canadian Bank Note from 1937. Amongst the workers, the bill with King George VI on it caused quite the excitement. No one had ever seen a bill so old. In act of respect to whomever put the bill up in the rafters, the contractor took the $5 Bank Note and had it framed. On the frame he wrote, “This memento shall forever remain here out of respect to the individual who placed it here.”  


Historians believe the $5 Bank Note was placed in the Old Sunshine Lodge by Jim Brewster, or his brother, as a token of luck and fortitude for the resort.  


From Trapper’s official opening in 1996, between the tables of Mad Trappers Public House, the $5 note hung framed on display, for all to see and learn about our Canadian Rocky Mountain history. Sadly, on June 27, 2023, the first week of our summer season the historic bill was discovered missing, or more accurately stollen. The glass has been cut and the bill was stolen from inside the frame.  


All of us at Banff Sunshine are devastated by the theft of a sentimental token. While we question the why of the act, we just want the $5 note back. In today’s value, the bill has a rough appraisal of $20-$100. The bill is not in mint condition, so the value is likely on the lower side.  


To us at Banff Sunshine, the missing bank note holds a priceless sentimental value. If you know anything about the whereabouts of this piece of Sunshine history, please reach out. We are offering a reward or a FREE 23/24 winter season pass for its return, no questions asked!