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Fit for Winter: Sunshine Coast Total Body Burn.

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Jul 27, 2020

Fit for Winter: Sunshine Coast Total Body Burn.


A great day carving up Canada’s best Snow will work every muscle in your body. From legs to your core, to your upper body. When you’re on the mountain, you activate both your large muscle groups and your smaller muscle groups.  


While we’re missing the rush of riding down our favourite Rocky Mountain slopes, we’ve put together this full-body “Sunshine Coast” workout that will help keep you in ski shape for the return of winter fun.  


This workout is designed as a High-Intensity Interval Workout, which alternates between strength exercises and cardio exercises. We’ve designed the workout to be repeated twice for an express burn, or 4 times (2 sets each side) for a more advanced workout. Try to repeat each exercise for 1 minute. When your timer beeps catch your breath for 10 seconds before moving to the next exercise.  



Ready? Let’s do this! 



1. fitforwinter2_1.png 

Bicep Curl, Squat to Row, Squat to Overhead Triceps – Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, grab your heavyweight. Squat deep, pushing your weight into your heels. As you rise to stand, curl your heavyweight into a bicep curl. Repeat the deep squat, and as your stand lift the weight into a back row. Repeat again, this time stand tall and lift the weight overhead into a triceps dip.  



2. fitforwinter2_2.png

For this exercise, embrace your inner slalom racer. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart and a hand weight in each hand, engage your core and start punching side to side. Imagine yourself cross blocking gates as you go. 



3. fitforwinter2_3.png

Drop into a deep lunge, grab your heavyweight and bring your arms overhead. From your deep lunge, lift your back knee as you stand to crunch your upper body to meet your knee. 





4. fitforwinter2_4.png

Count 8 standing jumping jacks, then drop into a plank and jack your legs out for 8 times. Repeat for one minute. 




5. fitforwinter2_5.png

Drop into a deep lunge and grab your heavyweights. Twist your upper body towards your front knee, back to center, towards your back leg and back to the center. Stand up, and switch legs.  



6. fitforwinter2_6.png

Grab your light weights and step into your lunge. From your lunge, jump up and switch lead legs.





7. fitforwinter2_7.png 

Grab your heavyweight and sink deep into your squat. Your feet are shoulder-width apart and your weight is in your heels. As you stand, lift your right knee as you twist your upper body to meet your knee. Sink back into your squat and switch legs.  




8. fitforwinter2_8.png

Grab your light hand weights and sink into your squat. From your squat pop up and jump as high as you can. Repeat as many times as you can in one minute. 



9. fitforwinter2_9.png

Standing with your feet together grab your hand weights. Step your right foot out to the side in a wide squat. Bring your leg back to the center and step your left leg out to a deep squat and back to the center.  



10. fitforwinter2_10.png

Embrace your inner mogul skier! Grab your pop cans and imagine they’re your poles as you shred down an ikonic mogul line. Bring your legs together and hop side to side. Just like your skiing.