Wednesday, December 23

7 Reasons to Ski and Ride After Noon.

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Dec 23, 2020

7 Reasons to Ski and Ride After Noon.

This season, the time to ski and ride is after noon!


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It’s a different year for us at Banff Sunshine Village. This season, our number one goal is to stay open so we may continue to provide you with a safe and healthy place to recreate outdoors. We strongly believe that outdoor recreation is essential for mental health and wellness.


This season there are benefits at Banff Sunshine Village for skiers and snowboarders who choose to sleep in and ski in the afternoon. We have rounded up our top 7 reasons:


1. Skiers and snowboarders who choose to ski after 12 noon, can enjoy the slopes for less. Check Afternoon lift tickets prices here.


2. Skiers and snowboarders who choose to ride after noon, will be able to brag about the great parking spot they scored. On a typical day, skiers who arrive first thing in the morning typically leave by 11 am.


3. Skiers and snowboarders arriving after noon will miss the rush for our gondola which means they will be able to start carving up the slopes faster.


4. With our modern lift system, skiers and snowboarders who start their ski day at 12 noon can easily still enjoy 16 runs of carving up Canada’s Best Snow.


5. Skiers and snowboarders who arrive after noon, will enjoy the slopes to themselves as the majority of our guests break for lunch around 11:30 am - 2 pm.


6. Skiers and snowboarders who choose to ski afternoons will enjoy more time skiing and less time waiting.


7. Skiers and snowboarders who ski afternoons will enjoy starting their ski day with the warmth of the full winter sun shining and will enjoy the best light of the day.



This season the time to ski is AFTERNOON! If you’re hitting the slopes over the Christmas holiday, we encourage you to do yourself a favor and choose to ski AFTER NOON at Banff Sunshine Village.