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6 Things to Do in Banff This Summer.

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Jul 13, 2020

6 Things to Do in Banff This Summer.

Take a Shining to Summer Adventures in Banff!


Are you exploring close to home this summer? Until the late 1960’s Banff was known primarily as a summer destination. It wasn’t until 1968 that the Banff Springs Hotel underwent a renovation to winterize and welcome guests year-round.


Thanks to our incredible snow, excellent mountain terrain, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains, winter in Banff snowballed to a must ski destination.


While we wait for the snow to fly – a promise that winter is on its way- we’re looking forward to summer adventures in our backyard. If you’re looking for an easy “day” adventure in the Canadian Rockies, here are a few of our favorite Banff day adventures.



1. Rent a SUP from the adventure hub and enjoy the serenity of the mountains as you paddle up the Bow river to Vermillion Lakes

The Adventure Hub, located on the 100 block of Banff Avenue, is your go-to for adventure in and around Banff National Park. In the summer, the adventure hub has a fleet of SUP, and electric bikes available to book for your rocky mountain adventure.


On a warm sunny day, reserve a stand-up paddleboard from the Adventure Hub and paddle up to Vermilion Lakes. The best place to start your adventure is via Echo Creek immediately beside the canoe docks.






2. Pack a picnic and hike, 2.5 km, up Tunnel Mountain for lunch with a view

From the Tunnel Mountain trailhead of St. Julien’s road in Banff, the hike to the Tunnel Summit is a quick 2.2 km up with an elevation gain of 300 meters. For families and those new to hiking, Tunnel Mountain is a great first hike. The trail switches back and forth, which makes the elevation gain manageable for hikers of all abilities. Once at the top of Tunnel Mountain, take a moment and enjoy the beautiful view of Banff. If you packed a lunch, the summit makes for the perfect location to enjoy your meal.


Tunnel Mountain Summit.jpg



3. Hit the links, and enjoy a relaxed game of golf at the Banff Springs Golf Course

The Banff Springs Golf Course is renowned for its panoramic beauty. When golfing the springs, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in the beauty of the Canadian Rockies – which may distract you while you’re trying to play – our advice, be prepared to up your handicap.


When golfing, take your pick between the Stanley Thompson 18 course, or the Tunnel 9 Course.






4. Park in Canmore, and bike the 25km Legacy Trail that connects Canmore to Banff

Instead of a Sunday drive, opt for a Sunday ride and bike the Legacy Trail that connects Canmore to Banff. The 25 km paved trail makes for a great family activity and is a fun way to get some exercise. When you arrive in Banff, treat yourself to a coffee, cocktail, or ice cream before making the turnaround and coast back to Canmore.






5. Go for a trail run (or walk) on the Hoodoo Trail

The Hoodoo Trail Loop is a 10 KM loop that starts at the Bow Falls viewpoint on Buffalo Street in Banff. The trail is a whimsical loop that features breathtaking views of the Rockies, The Bow River, and of course the Hoodoos.






6. Immerse yourself in Culture and do a Museum Tour

Dive into the culture and history of Banff National Park and tour the town's three museums. Start your history lesson at Banff Cave and Basin – the birthplace of Banff National Park. From the Cave and Basin make your way to the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum. As a visitor to the Luxton Museum, you'll discover when Canada's Native people followed the buffalo.


For your next stop hike across the Bow River Bridge and acquaint yourself with the species that call Banff National Park home. For the last stop on the culture tour head to Banff's Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies. The Whyte Museum has a vast collection of local and historical art inspired by the Rockies.


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