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Fit for Winter: Black Diamond Leg Workout.

Fit for Winter: Black Diamond Leg Workout. Hero thumbnail
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Aug 6, 2020

Fit for Winter: Black Diamond Leg Workout.

Horto’s Revenge, Black Diamond Leg Workout


Off of Teepee Town LX, you’ll find a run just before you enter "The Shoulder" called “Horto’s Revenge.” If you’ve skied it or ridden up Teepee Town LX, you’ve definitely noticed the burnt trees to your left as you’ve flown up the lift – in comfort.


Rumor has it, back in the ’60s a mad skier took gladding into his own hands. Horto frustrated with wanting to ski more tight trees set fire to the band of evergreens that now stand scorched.


As Horto laughed, wickedly, the flames grew and caught the eye of our on-mountain fire crew. Our team was able to put out the flames, in time for one new run to be formed. The run aptly named Horto’s Revenge.


Like Horto’s Revenge, this intense leg workout will challenge your legs and your core as you progress through each exercise. For this workout, you’ll need light hand weights (we’re using two cans of bubbly) running shoes, and a timer. The goal is to work through each exercise for one minute, before moving to the next. After you complete each exercise give yourself a twenty second break to catch your breath. When you’ve completed the set, take a two-minute break. You’ve earned your chairlift ride.


We recommend working through these exercises twice (once each side) for an express workout, or four times (twice each side) for a more extreme “Horto’s Revenge, Leg Edition.”



Ready? Let’s do this! 



1. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles1.png 

Standing tall, grab your hand weights, and step your right leg out into a deep lunge. Hold the lunge for a second before bringing your leg back to the center. Repeat as many times as you can in one minute.



2. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles2.png

From standing, holding your hand weights, step your right leg into a deep lunge. From your lunge position hop your lead leg off the ground while engaging your core and your upper body.



3. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles3.png

From standing, holding your weights, step your right leg into your deep lunge. From your lunge position, jump up over and over again. Be sure to land the same way you took off.





4. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles4.png

From a standing position, kneel down to the ground starting with your right leg. Hold your hand weights as you get low. From kneeling step your right leg then your left leg to stand. At the top, push your arms out into a chest press.




5. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles5.png

Put your weights aside and find your plank position. Engage your core and run your knees into your chest as fast and as controlled as you can.



6. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles6.png

Leave your weights where they are, and from a standing position hop into your plank. From your plank, jump your legs to the outside of your hands and stick the landing (find a squat). Hold the landing for a second before repeating the move.





7. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles7.png 

Grab your hand weights, and find your athletic skiers stance. From your stance, step your right leg out into a wide side lunge. Bring your leg back to standing. From standing, lift your right leg up to the side finding a sideline position. Bring the leg down and repeat.




8. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles8.png

Grab your weights, like you would grab your poles. From your athletic ski stance, lift your right leg up to the side back to center, left leg out to the side and back to the center. Imagine your skating back to the lift for another lap.



9. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles9.png

Put your weights aside. From our athletic skier's stance hop your feet back into a burpee position. Jump your legs in and jump up spreading your legs.



10. HortosRevenge_BlogTitles10.png

Standing find four jumping jacks. After your fourth jack, bend over and walk your hands forward to find your plank. From your plank, jack your feet out four times before walking your hands back in to find your standing jumping jacks. Repeat.


Wahoo! Nice work. Grab a sip of water – and let’s repeat the entire set working our left leg.