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Fit for Winter: Hell’s Kitchen HIIT.

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Oct 27, 2020

Fit for Winter: Hell’s Kitchen HIIT.

Goat’s Eye Mountain is a macho, macho, Mountain.  In 1995, when we built Goat’s Eye, we asked the public to help us name the new and challenging runs found off Goat’s Eye. At the time, Hell’s Kitchen was one of the most notorious neighbourhoods in North America. Like the neighbourhood in New York; for skiers of Banff Sunshine, navigating the trees of Hell’s Kitchen is not for the faint of heart.


With steep chutes, tight trees, and big bumps, our version of Hell’s Kitchen will have you cooking up a sweat. To keep you in ski shape, we’ve designed this 10-exercise high-intensity interval training workout to keep you on your toes as you cook up a serious sweat. For this workout, all you will need is a pair of running shoes, weights or bubbly cans, a matt, and a timer.


The goal is to work through each exercise for one minute, before moving onto the next exercise. Give yourself 10 seconds in between exercises to catch your breath, and two minutes in between sets – because you’ve earned that chairlift ride to rest.


Ready to turn up the heat?



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In your snowboard stance (second position plie) holding your weights, squat down low to tap your weights on the ground. As you come up, lift your weights overhead into a shoulder press. Repeat this move four times. After your fourth shoulder press, hold your snowboard stance and jump as high as you can four times. Repeat from the beginning.




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From a standing position, inchworm your hands forward into a plank position. Once in your plank, slowly and with control lower yourself to the floor and push yourself back up. Once back in your plank, engage your core as you lift your hips to pike position. With your left hand tap your right shin and lower back to your plank. Repeat by tapping your right hand to your left shin. Once back in your plank, slowly inchworm back up to standing and repeat from the beginning.



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In your snowboard stance, holding your weights swing your arms 270 degrees to the left. When you reach your lower right point “fake” slamming your weights to the ground. Repeat alternating sides for one minute. 





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Embrace your inner Crazy Canuck, and imagine you’re flying through the moguls. From a tuck position, suck up your knees as you jump to the right. Stick your landing and jump back to left. Repeat as many times as you can in one minute.




5. HellsKitchen_BlogTitles5.png

In your snowboard stance, holding a weight in each hand, slowly and with control crunch your right-side body towards your right thigh. Hold for a second and return to the center. Repeat the move to the left – and then over and over again as many times as you can in a minute.



6. HellsKitchen_BlogTitles6.png

With your left leg in front find a deep lunge. From your lunge twist your upper body to the left before returning back to the center. Once at the center, transfer your weight to your leg and drive in your right knee. Repeat for one minute on the left leg (and remember to switch legs on the next set).





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Let’s get your heart pumping. Running in place, lift your knees as high as you can four times. After four high knees, plant both feet firmly on the ground and give us four bug squat jumps.  Repeat as many times as you can in one minute.




8. HellsKitchen_BlogTitles8.png

Starting with your left leg in front find a deep curtsey lunge. Lunge deep once, and on your second lunge lift your back leg up as high as you can while you transfer your weight to your front foot For balance, keep your core engaged. Repeat as many times as you can on the left for one minute. (Switch to your right leg for the second set.)



9. HellsKitchen_BlogTitles9.png

On your mat, find a fitness bridge position. Lie on your back and plant your feet firmly on the mat. From your bridge position, lift your hips. As you return your hips to the mat, lift your feet off the ground as you sit up to a boat position. Hold the boat for a count of 4. Repeat as many times as you can in one minute.



10. HellsKitchen_BlogTitles10.png

Lying on your back, twist your knees to the right as you keep your chest facing the ceiling. With your hands interlaced behind your head, crunch up with control as many times as you can in one minute. 


Catch your breath and enjoy the view of the Shoulder and Delirium Dive as you fly back up for another lap through. For an Express workout, work through the exercises twice – once leading with your right side, and once leading with your left side. For a more extreme workout repeat the exercises four times, twice on your right and twice on your left.