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We will be mailing out your 2020/21 Season Pass soon!

To help us deliver your pass, please sign your season pass waiver and upload your pass photo before September 30th.

NEW! For winter 2020/21, you will now be asked to upload a photo of yourself and/or your family members as part of the online waiver process. We require all new and renewal season passholders to have a waiver signed and a new photo uploaded before passes are printed and delivered. 

How to upload your photo and sign your waiver in 5 steps:

1. Click on the button below. Remember to have your photo(s) ready to upload.

2. Complete your personal information.

3. Click on 'Add Photo' and upload your headshot photo(s) following these recommendations:     
  - Make sure your photo is in a .jpeg format
  - Use a color headshot with no hats, helmets, sunglasses, goggles or masks/face coverings. We need to see you!
  - Take a photo against a plain background and good lighting - avoid shadows across your face.
  - Be sure to get a full front view of your face and top of your shoulders
  - Smile and say sunshine!


4. Read the waiver carefully and sign it.

5. You're all set. Your season pass is on its way!