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Back On Snow With Your 2020/21 Costco Tickets!

Back On Snow With Your 2020/21 Costco Tickets! Hero thumbnail
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Oct 1, 2020

Back On Snow With Your 2020/21 Costco Tickets!

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It’s almost time to be back on the slopes Sunshiners! If you, like us, are counting down the days to opening day, we got some great news for you.


Your Costco Lift Tickets are back on sale, at last year’s price!


If you’re a Costco member, from October 1, 2020, until April 19, 2021, you could save more than 25% on Canada’s Best Snow.


Be ready for winter’s return and make sure you grab a pack of lift tickets (or two) on your next visit to Costco. Tickets are now available in 24 Costco locations across Alberta, Saskatchewan y Manitoba.



What is included?

For just $179.99 + GST, you get 2 one-day adult lift tickets for $89.99 each + 3 extra discount offers:


  • $9.00 off a regular priced full day Youth lift ticket. Valid for ages between 13 to 17.
  • $5.00 off a regular priced full day Child lift ticket. Valid ages 6 to 12.
  • + 10% OFF RETAIL
  • One use offer for 10% off Sunshine Village retail items at the Daylodge (Village), Creekside (Base Area) and Snow Central in Calgary.



How do I redeem my discounts?

Your Costco lift ticket acts as a coupon discount. You can redeem any of the additional discount offers by showing your Costco lift ticket at Ticket Windows, Guest Services or one of the retail locations listed above. Remember, these offers cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.



Can I use both lift tickets on the same day?

Yes! Take your buddy for a ski trip and have fun on the slopes together. Costco tickets can be used by 2 people on the same day or 1 person on two different days if you prefer.



Are Costco tickets transferable?

Yes! Tickets are 100% transferable, meaning that they do not need to be used by the same person on two different days.



Do Costco tickets work as a multiday ticket?

No. Each package includes 2 one-day lift tickets. They can be used in different, non-consecutive days. Just to give you an idea; you could ski on opening day and then, keep your second lift ticket to ski on Slush Cup Monday.


If you are coming for your second day of skiing or riding, make sure you have your second lift ticket with you. Since each ticket is a full day ticket, once scanned they can not be used again.



How long are Costco tickets valid for? Are there blackout dates?

Your Costco Tickets are valid anytime during the 2020/21 season. From Opening day until Slush Cup Monday (May 24, 2021).


No blackout dates apply for these tickets. You are free to ski or ride any day of the season!



I have an unused 2019/20 Costco Lift Ticket. Can I exchange it?

Yes, as part of our Covid-19 Sunshine Credit Policy, if you have unused 2019/2020 Costco tickets they can be exchanged and used at Banff Sunshine Village up until December 24th, 2020.


All you need to do is show your 2019/20 Costco Ticket at any Ticket Window or Guest Services and be ready for a snowy good time! You will get an adult lift ticket for the day in exchange.



We are looking forward to seeing you back on the slopes!

Banff Sunshine kicks off the season in early November.