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The Tale of Trappers

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Jan 31, 2024

The Tale of Trappers

If only the log cabin walls of Mad Trappers could talk...


Known as the (un)official best après in Banff, Trappers holds a rich and diverse history.


In the 1920s the Canadian Pacific Rail built a summer cabin in the heart of Banff National Park, after two explorers discovered the land's potential for tourism.


Nestled in the breathtaking Canadian Rockies, the remote lodge served as a base for adventurers and mountaineers exploring the surrounding.

As skiing gained popularity, outdoor enthusiasts began exploring the snow-covered mountains during the winter on a pair of planks.


The Old Sunshine Lodge became a year-round destination where explorers would eat together, sleep under the same roof, ski and learn from one another.


This very building is the birthplace of what is now recognized as the world-renowned, premier winter ski destination, Banff Sunshine Village.


Today, the original log cabin is still in use, functioning with Banff Sunshine's historic pub and snow school. As ode to the area's heritage, Banff Sunshine named the cherished pub after the Banff local and well-known trapper, Bill Peyto.


The story goes that the legendary Bill Peyto got into a dispute with park authorities over trapping regulations and land rights. Peyto refused to comply with their demands, leading to a standoff with park rangers and authorities. This incident was the talk of the town and known as the “Mad Trapper” incident.


Mad Trappers is filled with historic photos and tales from some of Sunshine’s original legends.


If you sit in the back north-west wing room by the fireplace, it's said that sometimes the presence and warmth of Sunshine’s first settlers can be found there – those who displayed daring characteristics, resilience, and a bit of rebellion.


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