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Canadian Slang 101.

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Jul 1, 2020

Canadian Slang 101.

From our family to yours, Happy Canada Day!


To celebrate Canada Day, this year we have put together a list of the most famous Canadian slangs.


If you’re new to Canada, keep reading and get familiar with these words and phrases - you’ll soon be talking like a local!



Here are 11 words that only truly Canucks will understand:


1. Eh?

Like ‘sorry’, Eh? is used in everyday Canadian lingo. It’s often used to ask someone to confirm or repeat what they are saying, to ask a question or to show surprise.


“We’re gonna go skiing today, eh?”



2. Loonie and Toonie

A loonie is slang for the one-dollar coin. It gets its name from the image of a Canadian loon bird on it. A toonie, the name for the two-dollar coin, combined the number two and the word loonie.


- “I bet you a loonie I make it to the village before you.” - “Make it a toonie!”



3. Toque

A knitted hat, commonly worn in winter. It keeps you warm and cozy on the slopes.


“Sunshine, I lost my toque at the top of Divide. Can you help me find it? It’s blue & yellow.”



4. Keener

A keener is someone eager to demonstrate willingness and enthusiasm to participate in school, seminars, work, etc.


“Look! He got the first chair of the season. What a keener!”



5. Double-double

A coffee with two creams and two sugars. A Canadian favorite!  


*Before hitting the slopes*: "Could I get a double-double and a banana muffin?"



6. Poutine 

Name for the popular Canadian dish made up of French fries, gravy and cheese curds. Make your own at home with our ‘Taste of Sunshine: Poutine’ recipe!


-“Hey Bud, time for poutine at Trappers, eh?”  – “Hell yes!”



7. Caesar

Caesar is a classic Canadian cocktail that is served from coast to coast to coast in Canada. This famous Canadian drink was invented in our home province of Alberta. The first Caesar every served was poured in 1969, at the Calgary Inn – now the Calgary Westin. Also known as a Bloody Caesar for its similarity to a Bloody Mary. The only difference between a Caesar and a Bloody Mary is that Caesars use Clamato which is a mix of tomato and clam juice while Bloody Marys use plain tomato juice. Craving one? Try our ‘Taste of Sunshine: Caesar' recipe!


- “Caesars taste like home”, said every Canadian at least once.



8. Beaver tail

A beaver tail is a famous Canadian treat made from deep-fried pastry dough with delicious toppings. And yes, you guessed it, it looks like a beaver’s tail.


-“Wanna stop for a beaver tail in Banff?”



9. Toboggan

A toboggan is simply a sled in Canadian.


-“Smooth and easy toboggan slide!”



10. Chinook

Only a true Canadian knows a Chinook is an unseasonably warm and dry wind that rises over the Rockies and heat up as they descend. It usually causes increases in temperatures within a few hours!


“Chinooks are just one of the things I absolutely love about Calgary!”



11. Flow

If you're a dude an have been growing out your hair in the last months, chances are someone has complimented you on your "flow". 


-“Austin has a sick flow”



Pretty cool, eh? How many have you used before?

From our family to yours, Happy Canada Day!